New Facebook Page and Contest!

In the spirit of keeping things tidy and business-like, I've finally created an official Facebook Page for my work! I'll be using it for artwork and promotional updates so that I can keep my personal Facebook page dedicated to the usual embarrassing photos, as it should be. But don't worry, I'll continue to update the blog as well with tutorials, art, and goodies!

I'd be mighty appreciative if you'd check out the new page and (if you're so inclined) "Like" it. I'd be SO appreciative, in fact, that anyone who "likes" the page before 12:00 AM on 9/21/13 (this Saturday) will be entered for a chance to win a free sketch of their choice!

Check out the page HERE or from the "Facebook" link in the sidebar on the right (in the "Follow Me" section).

Want a chance at a free sketch like this one? Head over to my Facebook page and "like" it!