The Siren's Song

“There were plenty of reasons back then to go sailing off into the unknown. Most of the ships that left the harbors were merchant or fishing vessels, just looking to make an honest living on the water. Others found service under the Queen, protecting her port cities from whatever dangers might drift in with the tides. And a few ships sailed purely for the love of exploration and adventure, provided they had the coin to fund the voyage. But no matter their trade, nearly every sailor who came through the pub told the same strange tale... 

No one was sure what it was, that mysterious light that glimmered far out over the black waves. Many were convinced that it led the way to innumerable treasures, or thought maybe it was a great artifact from the Lost Times. Or maybe it was the moon come down from the heavens to quench its terrible thirst. Whatever it was, most sailors agreed on one thing. It was the most beautiful thing any of them had ever seen, and it was evil; a wonderfully radiant sparkle of pure evil.

The 'Siren's Song' they called it. It was said to appear only during nights of the black moon, (which was an ill time to be sailing by anyone's reckoning) and it never appeared in the same place twice. Those who caught sight of the shimmering ocean star found themselves suddenly compelled to seek out its source. And most of them had never come back. Those lucky few that did told wild tales of giant trenches and vast, ceaseless waterfalls that cut far beyond the horizon. They claimed that even if you got close enough to see the Song, you could never reach it because the watery canyon was so wide and it was impossible to navigate without being pulled into the falls to your doom.”

-- excerpt from “The Gull of Silverstide”, Chapter III

"The Siren's Song"