Like a lot of kids who grew up during the 90s, I LOVED video games. The first time I saw Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on my cousin's Sega Genesis, I was completely hooked and would not rest (or let my parents rest, rather) until I too owned a Genesis.

Well, eventually I got one, and to this day I still have fond memories of sitting as close as physically possible to the TV screen trying to get Batman to make the jump over those damned rooftops. I remember getting so engrossed in the game that I would lift the controller high over my head every time I attempted to make Batman jump in hopes that the motion would cause him to glide just a liiiiiiiitle bit farther and land safely on the other side of some bottomless chasm. It never worked, of course, and I soon learned to just sit and move my thumbs.

Funny that now we have things like X-Box Kinnect and Nintendo Wii that DO track player motions. Maybe I was on to something back then.....