Keeping it Organized

A little bit more on the business side of things today.

I'm always struggling with keeping the process of each job I take on nice and tidy. Sometimes I'll be really gung-ho about certain tasks and completely slack off on others, which can bog down the whole artistic procedure and make what should be a fun project into a daunting nightmare. Disorganization has eaten many a freelancer. And it was about to eat me!

But no longer! Behold, I give you my official "Illustration Job Brief & Checklist"! This 3 page little piece of stationary helps to keep project details, goals, and needs all in one organized place so I can quickly reference it for info and know exactly what steps need to be taken. So whether you're a student or professional, if your own project management could use some weed-wacking, feel free to download this handy little pdf or print the jpeg images below. Hope it helps!

Download Project Brief and Checklist PDF