CCAD's 16th Annual Art of Illustration Exhibition

As most people know, St. Patrick's Day was this past weekend. I spent a majority of Saturday enjoying the holiday weekend with friends at the local bars of the Short North in Columbus, but managed to take a time-out from the festivities and enjoy the opening of CCAD's 16th Annual Art of Illustration Exhibition at the Rivet Gallery. I wish I had photos to share, because the work hanging is fantastic and comprised of numerous illustration and fine art styles, all beautifully executed.

Congrats to my friend, Josh Parkinson, and all the rest of the organizers, award winners, and exhibitors for putting up a great exhibition. As one who used to be involved with the show when I was in school, it's awesome to see what the current students have been able to do with it! If you're in the Columbus area between now and the end of the month, I highly recommend you go check it out. These students will be giving me a run for my money when they graduate, for sure.

2013 Art of Illustration Show poster, created by Taylor Hicks via CCAD website. 
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