At the Edge

This past weekend, some friends and I took a last minute trip over to Allentown, Pennsylvania, to see the "At the Edge: Art of the Fantastic" exhibition going on there before it closed on Sunday. It was a LOT of driving/being in a car for one weekend, but the show was definitely worth it! I've never seen so much fantasy/sci-fi art from both contemporary and Golden Age illustrators in one space before, and it was truly spectacular. I'm not going to go into a full-on review of the show because, frankly, it's too late for that and there are other blogs and articles that can be found on the web that do just that.

 Taking photographs was prohibited in the exhibit, but here are a few compositional studies drawn from some of my favorite pieces hanging:

sketches after Donato Giancola, Thomas Blackshear, and Roy G. Krenkel

The show has definitely inspired me to get back into doing more oil painting and to paint larger...MUCH larger. Seeing how massive most of the paintings were really puts a lot of things in perspective, especially when I'm so used to just viewing images on the internet or in print at no larger than a few inches.