Quick Photoshop Tip!

Attention all digital artists and casual Photoshop users out there! Do find yourself constantly zooming in and out from your canvas while you paint? Do you feel like no matter how big your monitor is (or how many you have) you'll never be able to work on detailed portions of your painting while still being able to see how it affects the whole? Well zoom no more!

Recently my friend Dana let me on to a little (and probably already well-known) secret. If you're sick and tired of slamming Cntrl+/- (Cmnd+/- for Macs) every ten seconds to zoom in and out, try this:

 After opening up your working file, go up "Window" > "Arrange" > "New Window for (whatever file is open)"

Voila! Now that you have two windows open of the same document, you can leave one of them zoomed out, and use the other one to work on details. The nice thing is that both windows keep updated constantly, so changes made in one will immediately affect the other.

Window > Arrange > New Window for "**"