Dangerous Gifts

For the cover of Gaie Sebold's "Dangerous Gifts", the follow-up to her fantasy novel "Babylon Steel", published by Solaris Books and due out in January of next year I believe. My art director wanted something along the lines of one of Drew Struzan's movie posters, so it was a lot of fun to do something of an homage to one of my favorite artists. I think it's definitely a step up from my last "head montage" attempt in college for the movie Serenity (you see that in all it's hideous glory here). The real trick was getting the characters to look as much like they did on the cover of the previous novel (which I did not illustrate) as possible, but from different angles. So I definitely have to give thanks to the friends who let me steal their faces for this piece! You know who you are. :-)

©Jake Murray 2012