HitRecord at the Sundance Film Festival

Last Friday, my girlfriend and I discovered a little community called HitRecord, an "online collaborative production company" run by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (of "3rd Rock from the Sun", "(500)Days of Summer", and "Inception" fame). Of course, by "little" I mean "big"; like 80,000+ members big. The site is a place where filmmakers, musicians, artists, writers, animators, etc. can come together and create by uploading content for everyone to use and "remix" as the site calls it. Basically, it's a lot of artists sharing their work freely with each other.

Wanting to practice some character designing, I responded to a callout to illustrators for character art to be used in an animated short by the Gregory Brothers that addresses police issues and free speech. They needed an angelic Ben Franklin, a kid with a camera, and a police officer, all in a style similar to those old Schoolhouse Rocks cartoons. I figured "what the hell, might as well."

The short was completed from start to finish in less than a week and headed off to the Sundance Film Festival. And wouldn't you know it - there's a couple of my designs in there! They may be in the background. They may only be on screen for a fraction of a second. But they're there. And that's kinda cool to me. Check out the video below to see the whole HitRecord presentation at the Sundance Film Festival. The short I contributed to begins at around the 18:25 mark. See if you can catch my characters haha!

Watch live streaming video from sundancefest at livestream.com