After a stupid amount of pondering, noodling, and changing things mid-painting, I'm pleased to reveal the second of my Xenogears series of paintings. And who else could it be but Elly? I really wanted this painting to be a stark contrast to the first one - hence the much lighter colors and airier quality. While there's sooo much back story and depth to pull from with both Elly and Fei, the focus of these first two pieces is really on their initial struggles in the game. With this painting I wanted to reflect Elly's internal conflict between her role as an officer for an oppressive military government and the compassion to do what is right. She comes from a land in the sky, but ultimately forsakes her home - hence why she's looking downward (towards the land). Hope you guys like it!

You can see the first painting in the series here.

And stick around for some exciting stuff tonight!