Mid-Ohio Con

 Last weekend, Krysti and I spent a good fourteen hours manning my table at the Wizard World Mid-Ohio Comic Convention. It was my very first experience showing work at a convention, so I really wasn't sure what to expect. But it was a lot of fun, and we met a lot of talented people from around the midwest and elsewhere - not to mention people from galaxies far, far away and beyond haha. There were tons of great costumes being donned by people of all ages. It's a bit of a smaller convention, so it wasn't quite as lucrative as I had originally hoped, but maybe next time I'll have more offerings of Batman and Wolverine or something. Everything's a learning experience, and the networking opportunities and people watching are worth it anyway. A big thanks to the people at Wizard World for inviting me to participate this year. I'll definitely look to be attending again next year!

My table. Thanks to Krysti for helping me set everything up!

One of my favorite duos of the con - Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer!
I have a bad feeling about this...

Speaking of Krysti, if you like playful designs that go with a shabby-chic decor, check out her new Society6 page! There's funk-ton of cool ways you can enjoy some of her designs, from prints to phone covers, to laptop covers, oh my!! Very cool stuff.