[Artwork] Sketchbookarie

Remember back when I was posting every Tuesday and Thursday for like 3 weeks? Yeah, that's gone out the window. Things have slowed down a tad these past couple of weeks and I've been finding myself with more time to pursue sketch outings and personal paintings. Figured I'd share a couple more recent spreads from the ol' sketchbook. I've been working more in pencil lately and really enjoying it.

Oddly enough, I feel like working for so long in ballpoint pen has actually improved how I work with pencil. My marks don't feel as timid, and my overall tonal arrangement is more thought-out. One thing that has been working for me is to sketch in terms of just black and white. I use a 5B pencil and work my way through the sketch just filling in dark shapes against light ones based on what I'm looking at (the study of the German Village Book Loft below is an example of this). What I end up with is something that looks a lot like a penciled comic book page, but later on, I can go back to the sketch and fill it in with a variety of tones to make it look more rendered - just as long as those dark areas are kept separated from the light. I may be waaaay late in this realization, and many of you may well be thinking, "Well, DUH!" but I figured I'd share anyway. It's all a journey, right?

Next Time: Exciting (at least for me) new oil painting unveiled!!!