[Artwork] Friday Special - XENOGEARS!!

I can't really remember the last time I did some good old fashioned fan art. Somewhere (pronounced "art school") it was driven into my head that creating fan art was just not creative or artistic, so I stopped drawing the things that I enjoy from other artists/media, etc. I can see where it would become a problem if that's ALL you do, but where's the harm in just doing some fun artwork that makes you happy and feeds your other obsessions?

That being said, I've been replaying Xenogears for the PSX and really loving it. Haven't done any painted book covers for a very long time, so I wanted to do some fan art that could double as a book cover project. I've got sketches in the works to make this the first of three in a series, so I guess it will depend on how much time I have whether that actually happens or not. There are just sooooo many themes rolling around in the Xenogears plot that it's hard to choose which ones to focus on for covers!

This first cover deals with the main character, Fei, and his struggle to accept a destructive power that resides within. This power is seemingly brought out (and symbolized) by the giant mech, or "gear," named Weltall that he happens upon. As a result, Fei is often faced with the choice between helping the people he cares for, or avoiding the power that lays hidden in him that could destroy everything.

20 x 30 oil on Strathmore illustration board