[News] 2011 Appearances

My job tends to require me to be cooped up in the studio a majority of the time, but good news! You may have noticed a new list added to the sidebar called "2011 Appearances." Oh, you didn't? Well that's okay too, I guess. From now on I will be posting any events and conventions that I'll be showcasing at throughout the year. Two such events have recently popped up:

The first is AGORA 8, and is this coming Saturday (May 21st) at Junctionview Studios in Columbus, OH. It's a local gallery show that celebrates Central Ohio's creative community. Two of my pieces will be hanging along with numerous others from Ohio's artistic pool. So if you want to enjoy art, live music, vendors, dancers, and more, come check it out! It's a creative smörgåsbord that runs from noon until midnight. I'll probably be there for a couple of hours some time in the afternoon. More information about the venue can be found at their website, here.

I will also have a table at the Wizard World MID-OHIO COMIC CON this year! The con runs from October 22-23. No specific details on where I'll be or what I'll be bringing yet, but I'll keep you informed, loyal blog readers. You can check out the events and guests who are much cooler than me on the official website, here. Some very cool guests include actors James Marsters and Nicolas Brendon from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Needless to say, my girlfriend Krysti is an avid Buffy fan and very excited.