[Artwork] Nightfall: Martial Law

Hello all! I've been bad and haven't been keeping up with blogging on the days I usually do. Life is hectic and blogging schedules become rubbery (flexible). But, I have some fun new stuff to show today. Earlier this month, Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) announced the first expansion to their deck building card game, "Nightfall". The expansion is titled "Nightfall: Martial Law" and features my work on the box cover! The game takes place in a world that is cast in perpetual night, and vampires and werewolves have overtaken society. "Martial Law" releases this July and you can check it out at the Nightfall website, here, to learn more!

P.S. - I really appreciate how the graphic designers there at AEG were considerate of the artwork in their design and placement of the title logo. Looks great guys! ;)

All images in this post are ©Alderac Entertainment Group.