[Artwork] Kult #1 for pre-order!

And here's the exciting: my very first professional comic book cover! For the past few months I've been working with Dark Horse Comics on a series of covers that I haven't been able to talk about or show - until now! "Kult" is an action/horror series based on the popular roleplaying game from the 90s, set in a world where the reality we know is just an illusion masking a hellish existence. Think "The Matrix" meets "Constantine". Issue #1 just became available for pre-order on the Dark Horse website, and is slated for an August 3rd release! I'd try to explain what exactly is going on in this particular cover, but I don't wanna give away any of the story (and get my ass sued off in the process). It's pretty confusing, I know, but I wanted to try to make potential readers curious rather than just give them a cool picture of a guy fighting a demon.