[Artwork] Double Dragon Rainbow

What a crazy past couple of weeks! Ridiculous weather, Macho Man Randy Savage sacrificing himself to prevent the apocalypse, allergy season on the offensive, work, and packing up the apartment for this weekend's big move! I don't have a lot of new stuff from work that I'm able to show at the moment, but figured I'd throw a new promo piece and some sketchbook pages out here. The painting started off as an abstract shaping sketch and just morphed into what is probably the most cliche fantasy painting ever (complete with double rainbow). But I still love it and put it on my postcards. Unfortunately next week I won't have access to the internet at home, so blog posting will probably be scarce for a bit. Hopefully I'll have something wonderful to share by the time I'm back though. Until then!

I do love my springtime clouds........(girly sigh....)