[Promotion] Framed High Quality Prints for Sale!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! The CCAD Spring Art Sale is nearly upon us and I'm pretty excited. In addition to regular prints, doodle cards, and paintings, two specially framed full-sized prints will be available for sale as well! These two pieces are printed with archival inks on watercolor paper and come in 3" Renoir antique gold and black frames. Both pieces have been featured in print magazines such as "Heavy Metal" and "ImagineFX", but this is the very FIRST time that either of them have been printed at their full sizes (19" x 12" and 13.5" x 17" respectively). They are fully backed and ready to hang with a crystal clear protective acrylic, and will be on sale for $450 each come April 16th!

And even if you don't want to buy my work (how dare you), whether you're a collector or just like to make cosmetic purchases for your living room, the CCAD Art Sale will definitely have something for you! The sale takes place on April 16th, at the Loann Crane Center for Design.

And a special thanks to my awesome ladyfriend, Krysti Kalkman, for helping me get this done. It wouldn't have happened without her! I'll be sharing a table with her at the art sale, so run over to her blog and drool over the things she'll have for sale.