[Rambling] I Am No Longer a Living Being. I Have Become...


That's right, friends. The Jake Murray you all have come to know is no more. He has drowned in the digital sea* and risen as an undead creature doomed to lifelessly surf the internet in search of inspiration and entertainment.

Maybe some of you out there are web zombies too. I realized that I had become one of the browsing undead after noticing the following symptoms:

1. Checking email COMPULSIVELY.

2. Jumping on the internet for no real reason.

3. A lack of interest in the activities I used to enjoy (sketching, reading, games, etc.).

4. Clicking through the same list of bookmarks over and over just to find that nothing has changed.

5. A gradual disinterest in anything happening on the internet, but still browsing just the same.

6. Work life and home life is dominated by the internet.

7. Boredom with life in general.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, then perhaps it's time to take a web vacation. I know I'm going to severely limit my internet exposure. I will, however, continue to blog on my usual days (Tuesdays and Thursdays). My hope is that, by getting back to my real life, I'll have some more interesting things to blog about and posting will come more naturally.

Life is good. Let's get acquainted with it again. :-)

line courtesy of the song "Digital Sea" by Thrice.