[Process] Make Your Own Prop Sci-Fi/Steampunk Gun!

I call this little baby "Serenity Now". A while ago, I came across a tutorial for cheaply crafting a realistic prop gun and thought that it would make a really useful addition to my illustration prop collection (which currently consists only of a few sculpey heads and bristol board spaceships). The process was so easy and fun that I wanted to share it with all of you!

Materials you'll need:
-A cheap plastic water pistol or cap gun ($2-3)
-silver metallic spray paint($5)
-black flat spray paint($5)
-old paint rag
-"Rub 'n' Buff" gold leafing (optional)

Step 1 - Make it Shiny. Cover the entire gun with a coat or two of silver metallic spray paint until none of the original paint job shows through. Wait for it to dry completely.

Step 2 - Muck it Up. In a spare tin or paper plate, spray a generous amount of black spray paint until it pools. Quickly dip your paint rag into the black paint and rub it over the surface of the gun. This layer should be very thin (you don't want to completely cover your nice silver paint - just dull it up a bit). Also, don't worry about filling all the nooks and crannies, as those places would be more sheltered from outside forces anyway and should still be shiny.

Step 3 - Beat it Up. For an extra level of detail, take your fingernail and scratch into the faded areas. You don't want to scratch all the way through your silver paint job, so keep it fairly gentle.

Step 4 - Add Some Class. Since I had some "Rub 'n' Buff" gold leafing laying around in my drawer I decided to add some gold details to my gun. This step is purely at your discretion depending on how you want your gun to look. Doing this made my gun look like it would be more comfortable in a Steampunk setting.

And that's it! You'll have a sweet-ass prop gun in your arsenal that will be hard not to play with. I fully intend to use mine for reference in future paintings, so be on the lookout for it!

P.S. -- I make no claim to have come up with this process on my own. I simply varied up the steps from a tutorial which can be found at the "Backyard FX" website HERE. Check it out!

I'll see you guys on Thursday. Hope the week is treating everyone well!