[Feature] Why We Do This

Art by Christopher Burdett

Today I wanted to point to a great post by Christopher Burdett on his blog, DOODLES, DESIGNS, and aRT. Christopher contacted a whole spectrum of professional illustrators and asked them three simple questions about their career choice. It's interesting to see how many of their answers are similar and/or vastly different, and really gives some insight into how these guys view their careers. It's a three-part post, so I'll link to all of them:

Why We Do This - Part 1
Why We Do This - Part 2
Why We Do This - Part 3

Christopher has a lot of other cool stuff on his blog and website as well (links below), and posts regularly every Mon, Wed, and Fri. If you don't already know about him, check it out!

On a side(bar) note, I've created a poll for anyone who's interested in voicing their opinions about my blog. It would help me to figure out what I may need to do to improve the experience for you guys, so please cast your votes by the end of the month! Thanks!

Catch you all on Tuesday. Have a great weekend everyone!


--The DOODLES, DESIGNS, and aRT of Christopher Burdett