[Tips] Things You Can Do as a Sickly Freelancer

Let's face it: being sick sucks. But if there's one benefit to working for yourself, it's that you don't need to ask for permission to take the day off. So what can you do to keep your recuperation days from being a total waste?

1. Keep working. (Not recommended.)

2. Research. (If you've got freelance projects just starting up, looking up visual reference and inspiration doesn't take too much energy and can keep you productive.)

3. Catch up on blogs. (Get inspired by all the other people who aren't sick)

4. Listen to illustration podcasts. (Crank up the computer speakers and listen while you soak in a hot bath.)

5. Update your blog. (Check.)

6. Back up your computer. (There's no better time to do it than when you're not really using it.)

7. Do some accounting. (Just make sure to double check your math.)

8. Promote your work. (Post on social networks, prepare mailers, yada yada yada.)

9. Take lots of naps. (The most productive thing you can do is get yourself feeling better.)

I'll be back soon with some fun little updates. Stay healthy, everyone!