[Nifty Things] Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice

This info comes from the front page of National Geographic's website. A total lunar eclipse will occur tonight at around 3 A.M. and should be visible to all of North America, weather permitting. What makes this special is that it will supposedly be the first time since 1378 that a total lunar eclipse has coincided with the winter solstice. What does this mean to us artists??? Well, if you're brave (I'm still trying to decide if I am or not) and you like to plein air paint, this is an opportunity to paint something from life that has not happened for over 600 years - something even Da Vinci has never seen! Could be fun. If I decide to do it, I'll definitely post up the painting that results. But if anyone else out there decides to go for it, comment back with a link to your image! Happy moon gazing everyone!

Read the whole National Geographic article here!