[Artwork] Studies

I think you're probably all starting to notice that when I'm between projects, I post on the blog, A LOT. But that's only because I'm trying to churn out as much new work for the portfolio as I can. So, sorry if you're sick of hearing from me. These are actually just a couple figure studies from the past week or so. Thanks to a post on the fantastic "Gurney Journey", I stumbled upon a new palette that I hadn't ever heard of before. It's called the "Zorn" palette (after Swedish painter Anders Zorn). It's a limited palette consisting of only yellow ochre, cadmium red light, ivory black, and titanium white. So I decided to test it out in a digital figure study. AND I LOVE IT. I may be waaaay behind, but for any painters out there who haven't tried this, go for it! It's pretty cool what you can get out of just four colors.