[Nifty Things] Music with no Musicians

I'm in a musical mood right now, so I wanted to share something with all of you who may not be savvy to the music production pulse (not that I really am, necessarily). Ever since the dawn of the music synthesizer or electronic keyboard, computers have become exceedingly present in the world of music recording and production. Well, it seems that with the help of amazing pre-recorded "samples" and a good sound engineer, you can create an orchestral experience as realistic as any film score - without the orchestra!

Listen to this sample recording from East West Quantum Leap's "Hollywood Strings" sample library. None of the music you hear was recorded live (at least not in the traditional sense). Maybe I'm just amazed by this because I'm an orchestra nerd. But at the same time I am a bit alarmed as this seems to be just another example of humans striving to replace themselves with technology...and getting extremely good at it.