[News] New Format!

With the help of a nifty ImagineFX article, it has occurred to me to do a little revamping on the format of this blog. No, I 'm not talking about the design of it (though that may be the topic of a future poll...). I'm talking about making it perhaps a little bit less one-sided and a little more interactive for my readers. I'm talking about polls and news briefs and how-to's, etc. This should give me more reasons to update consistently too. So what does that mean for YOU, the fantastic reader?!?! Well, each new post title will have a subtitle (like the one above) that will tell you the nature of the post, whether it be a rambling, an art or music update, a poll, whatever! If you're interested, then just do what you've been doing and read! SIMPLE! Anyway, I hope you all will like the slightly new direction! And thanks to all of you who have been keeping up with my little ketchup and mustard colored blog!

P.S. - After writing this post, I did in fact decide to alter the design of the blog. :P