Graduation, San Francisco, and Moving, OH MY!!!

Hey all. The past couple of weeks have been crazy! I've barely had time to do any real artwork aside from sketching here and there. On May 15th, I received the most expensive piece of paper I will probably ever own. It's been a mind-blowing 4 years at CCAD, and a real honor to have learned beside so many talented, talented people (just a goofy handful of whom are shown above!)

Almost as soon as I was out of my gown, it was off to San Francisco, California for a week along with a pretty nifty lady friend. Krysti's old roomie, Sarah, let us stay at her apartment with her, so that made the trip soooo much more affordable. Thanks again Sarah! Hope we weren't god-awful annoying! Some photos from the trip:

I took a three hour nap after getting back to Columbus and then it was time to pack for the big move to the new apartment (with the same nifty chick. :P) So, I've finally gotten everything moved over here and am slowly getting it all organized and unpacked. Here's the new (well, new for me) place!:

You may be asking yourself, "I say, do those walls go up to the ceiling???." Well, yes. Yes they do. :P Next episode: JOB HUNT