Discover a Muse

Hey all! So, Jon Schindehette's community, ArtOrder, has teamed up with model Veronika Kotajik and put together an art challenge for charity. Basically, challengers had to create an image that embodies the terms "sexy, strong, and independent" using reference photography of Veronika provided by Jon (and whatever other reference needed). The point of the challenge is that products will be created with the artwork submitted and then sold for charity (specifically, the Discovery Arts program which gives sick and hospitalized children artistic outlets to express themselves). In any case, the deadline is June 1st, so if you want in, better get in fast! Go to to get all the info.

This is my entry for this challenge. Have to say, it was difficult using someone else's reference photography to put together a good image, but I'm very happy with the result of this one. The title is "Auria - Goddess of Sound and Musical Inspiration." Hope you guys like it!