Valentine's Day!!

Almost forgot! Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Though I usually look at this day with dread and disgust, this year's Valentine's Day was definitely the best ever. One of the best parts about being an artist is that you don't have to spend much to make a thoughtful gift (just time and effort), and one of the best parts about dating an artist is that you get cool handmade gifts in return! Krysti made me this wooden book filled with all kinds of paper in it for sketching or writing or whatever. It's so coooool! She's definitely way craftier than I am. But I put my illustration skills to use and made her a wall-scroll poster illustrating how to fall in love (using us as demonstrators, awwwwwwwww! :P) I'd post the poster but, you can always just check it out on her blog via the links on the side panel.