Alien and I

So because I haven't been keeping up with this blog like I should, it's time to get with it and show some pieces in progress! This piece is my first class assignment of the semester in which we were to take two movies from a preset list, combine the plots/characters, and create the poster for the hybrid. The movie I chose is called The Alien and I, which is of course the lovechild between and Alien and The King and I.

So as far as process goes, I start out with thumbnailing ideas. For this particular concept, I did a few different thumbnails, some more love story oriented and some with the focus on a ridiculous battle between aliens and Anna. Ultimately, I chose to go with the love story theme.

So here I'm showing the final comped together drawing and the grisaille underpainting in progress. I usually try to draw out all the elements in the composition on separate pieces of tracing paper, which are then scanned in and composed in photoshop. Then I print a small 8.5 x 11 copy of the drawing out so I can transfer it to illustration board using a large opaque projector. After the drawing is transferred, it's paint time! The project is due next week, so there will be updates soon!