The Alien and I (Cont'd)

More process! This photo shows what I've finished on the painting tonight - which doesn't exactly look like much, but patience is of the essence at this stage. After refining the grisaille underpainting a bit, I covered the entire piece with a layer of Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating to seal the illustration board underneath and give it a bit more of a glossy texture. The acrylic coating may not have been necessary seeing as the acrylic underpainting most likely covered the entire board with paint, but better safe than sorry I guess. With the crystal clear coat dry, I've begun adding the first hints of color by using very thin glazes of Pthalo Green, Burnt Sienna, and Dioxazine Purple. For the most part, I'm just establishing the base shadow colors. The key is to allow each layer to dry enough before adding another glaze. You can also rub out some of the wet glaze to continue to enhance the modeling a bit as you go. After it's all dry (which should be by tomorrow), I'll probably start working more opaquely over the whole thing until it's finished. Seeing as this is the first time I've worked this way with a complete detailed underpainting, I'm excited to see how it ends up in the finish. More to come!