Photo © Andrew Ross

Do you ever just sit and wonder about things?

Like, if people hadn’t learned to walk upright, would they still have invented pants? What if planets and stars are just the atoms in the body of a cosmic giant? What the heck is that guy over there wearing?

As you can probably tell, I wonder a lot. And it’s that insatiable curiosity that drives me to put pencil, pen, or brush, to paper. From a very young age, drawing and painting have been my means of solving problems, exploring worlds both real and imagined, and, from those explorations, telling stories.  

After many years of wondering, training, and loving support, I earned a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design, majoring in illustration. I have since been working professionally for local, national, and international clients in the publishing, gaming, and advertising markets. I currently live in the Old Oaks Historic District of Columbus, Ohio with my wonderfully talented wife, and two of the best dang dogs in the world.

I relish the challenge of creating digital artwork that has the look and feel of traditional drawing and painting. This usually means making every stroke by hand and following procedures that very closely mimic traditional working methods. Ever the explorer, my work showcases a range of painting styles, from detailed, highly rendered art to more painterly impressionistic visions, always attempting to push the boundaries of dramatic storytelling and visual interest. And if I can throw a lightsaber in there, too, so much the better.

As a fellow collaborator in realizing your project's vision, I am always happy to take direction and use my expertise to avoid potential potholes in the creative road. It’s really about doing everything I can to help my clients realize their projects’ visual and storytelling potential in a friendly, timely, and reliable way. So if you’ve got a vision that needs bringing to life, let’s talk!


Skills & Expertise

Pen & Ink Illustration
Oil Painting
Digital Painting
Concept Art
Basic 3D Modeling
Page Layout

Corel Painter
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Acrobat
Pixelogic Sculptris


Bethesda Softworks
Games Workshop
Fantasy Flight Games
Alderac Entertainment Group
Z-Man Games
Mongoose Publishing

Penguin Books
Tor Books
Scholastic, Inc.
Concordia Publishing House
Black Library
Solaris Books
Dark Horse Comics
Future Publishing
Heavy Metal Magazine

Media & Advertising:
Lucasfilm, LTD.
SBC Advertising
Salvato + Coe Group
WBNS 10TV Columbus

Features & Exhibitions

Juried Publications:
Infected By Art: Volume 5, 2017
Spectrum 23, Flesk Publications, 2016
Exposé 11, Ballistic Publishing, 2013
"Rising Stars of Fantasy Art" - ImagineFX Issue #61, 2010
SILA, Illustration West 47, 2009

Star Wars Celebration Orlando, 2017
Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, 2015

2nd Place in Digital Art Category, Infected By Art: Volume 5, 2017
Nomination for Best Product Illustration, Chesley Awards, 2016